Unison is dedicated in upholding industry standards as a trustworthy name in the UAE and the company warrants that the same integrity and transparency will be maintained every time a partnership is entered.

Under the contract “Unison solutions with MOH”, Unison has partnered with 13 public hospitals in the UAE on a Public-Private-Partnership model.

Unison focuses on investing and operating radiology departments in all MOH hospitals and supplying as well as operating all the Radiology departments in the 13 hospitals that include:

  • Al Kuwait Hospital

  • UAQ Hospital

  • Khorfakkan Hospital

  • Fujairah Hospital

  • Saqr Hospital

  • Ibrahim Obaidallah Hospital

  • Kalba Hospital

  • AL Dhaid Hospital

  • Shaam Hospital

  • Masafi Hospital

  • Mother and Child Hospital

The above are strategic partners and Unison is in-charge of operating and running the hospitals radiology imaging equipment (CT, MRI and more in the future). Unison also supplies technical know-how, man-power, specialist expertise and various medical equipment to these hospitals.

Unison Capital Investment LLC is a company that focuses on a wide spectrum of high capital investment opportunities in the region.

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