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Unison Capital Investment LLC is a company that focuses on a wide spectrum of high capital investment opportunities in the region.

Since its inception in early 2016, the company has been working towards building an effective healthcare development system in the UAE by identifying healthcare needs, funding projects/intermediaries, partnering with governments, supplying and maintaining various state-of-the-art machinery including medical equipment.

Unison takes pride in partnering with Ministry of Health (MOH) and is the first company in the GCC to introduce the Triple P Model (Public-Private-Partnership) along with MOH.

One of UNISON biggest forte is to identify an opportunity and invest in innovative and futuristic projects in the region. In the healthcare sector, UNISON strives to contribute toward its communities by offering superior services, high-tech machines and focus towards patient care along with flexibility in treatment. The intension is to improve the overall healthcare system in the region by introducing a network of healthcare facilities.The company also engages in offering healthcare specialist and knowledge sharing including facilities management in MOH hospitals.   

Recently, Unison embarked upon a healthcare investment worth millions in dirhams in the Radiology Departments of MOH. The intention is not only to supply high-technology equipment but rather to increase the overall patient care in the UAE by decreasing waiting time, improving image quality and accuracy of reporting and most importantly reducing the dose for the patients.

At present, Unison employs 240 direct employees that include specialists, doctors, radiographers, consultants, nurses, patients, receptionist, IT profession, system support staff, patients care representatives, projects analyst, quality controllers and risk management specialists.


Unison is also the first-of-its kind as an investment company that can customize healthcare solutions to cater to the patient needs.

Unison continues to invest in specialist manpower, equipment that falls under an operational management scope, consumables for the equipment and leasing facilities based on a revenue sharing model. This by far has proved to be a successful model and makes the company a league apart from the rest in the healthcare sector.

Welcome to UNISON – Investing in the Present while Foreseeing the Future

Unison is also the first-of-its kind as an investment company that can customize healthcare solutions to cater to the patient needs.


Unison aims to maximize the healthcare industry’s ability to deliver quality care by developing a collaborative, effective, and sustainable system from the basic investment step to comforting an ailing patient in the UAE today and across the GCC tomorrow.


To build an effective healthcare development system in UAE by identifying healthcare needs; from funds provision, supplying & maintaining the equipment along with the trained operating staff.


Our values are characterized by our commitment and operational sustainably for addressing social and ethical responsibilities in the healthcare sector. Combined with our passion for innovation and excellence, we will strive to play a central role in fulfilling our mission, thus upholding outstanding services, preserving ethical principles and moral standards.


Engage industry supplier, funding intermediaries, and partnering governments in long term healthcare projects for the common welfare, and shared success for all involved and contributing institutions.



The Unison initiative is the result of many years of dedication and hard work to deliver the right technology to the right place by creating a unique model in the public healthcare sector, both in the UAE today and across the GCC in the near future.

One of the Ministry of Health’s missions is tackling the rising rates of lifestyle diseases and reducing the overall healthcare expenditure. Through the belief that this radiology outsourcing solution, coupled with the development of unique Tele-Radiology capabilities in the UAE, will help the Ministry in transforming the healthcare system and improving overall patient care.

Unison is the fruit child of the collaboration of Abu Dhabi International Medical Services LLC (ADI), a leading healthcare solutions provider representing some of the world’s renowned medical equipment and pharmaceutical companies, and GE Healthcare, a global provider of transformational medical technologies and services on one side, and the United Arab Emirates Ministry of Health and Prevention on the other side. Consequently, and adjoining both ends, the private and public sectors for the sole benefit of those in need of high quality health care.


  • "We are committed to this long-term partnership with the UAE Ministry of Health and GE Healthcare as it represents a unique approach to healthcare services in the public sector and is a model for the country and the region,"

    Mr. Amer Kakish
    Mr. Amer Kakish CEO of the Ittihad International Investment, parent company of Unison Capital Investment.
  • “We are confident that the new partnership will both enhance quality of care and significantly improve the operational and resource efficiency of our hospitals.”

    H.E. Awadh Al Ketbi Assistant Undersecretary for Support Services, UAE Ministry of Health & Prevention
  • "The new technology evolved in Radiology workflows will help physicians to make accurate diagnosis, ensuring swift exchange of images with peers across the Ministry hospitals. It will also allow medical images sharing with experts in the UAE and foreign countries, establishing new era of Tele-Radiology revolution.”

    Dr Kalthoom Mohammed Al Belooshi Director of Hospitals Department, UAE Ministry of Health & Prevention
  • “GE is delighted to partner with the UAE Ministry of Health in this unique Public Private Partnership, We share the Ministry’s mission of tackling rising rates of lifestyle disease and reducing health expenditure and believe that this radiology outsourcing solution, coupled with the development of unique tele-radiology capabilities in the UAE, will help the Ministry in transforming the health system and improving patient outcomes.,”

    Mr. Maher Abouzeid
    Mr. Maher Abouzeid CEO of GE Healthcare for Eastern Growth Markets
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